Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Why wearing speedos under PE shorts has gone out of fashion

Fashions change and so do the garments that can be worn as underwear.

The boy who ten or twenty years ago would be wearing speedos under his shorts is now probably wearing tight boxer briefs.

Although boxer briefs offer the same level of support as speedos, the change has been brought about by a number of reasons:


White shorts go transparent and will reveal what is underneath, especially when wet. Boxer briefs under PE shorts look just like another slightly smaller pair of shorts rather than skimpy pants. They also conceal an erect penis better.


The material of boxer briefs cover more skin than speedos, which is useful in the cold, though the boxer briefs may be revealed when wearing shorts that have high side vents or scalloped sides that lift while running.


Specialised sports boxer briefs made of 92% polyamide/8% elastane are quick drying, so can be worn if an activity involves getting wet, such as a cross country river crossing, steeplechase or athletics in the rain.


The fashion has gone from conventional boxer shorts to tighter boxer briefs worn as everyday underwear. It is also the fashion to wear regular underwear under board shorts, so it is logical to do so under PE shorts too.

Rules changes

The demise of the “no pants” and “trunks only” rule, together with the ban on corporal punishment, mean that boys now wear what they want under their PE shorts.

Lycra shorts

Many boys now wear tight-fitting lycra shorts and boxer briefs can be worn underneath them.

Cheaper clothing

With much clothing being now being imported from the Far East, keeping one’s few sets of pants dry and wearable is not such a priority. Nowadays if a boy gets his underwear soaked during PE or athletics, or swims with them under his board shorts, the chances are he will have a spare pair or two in his kit bag.

4 comments: said...

I agree that boys normally have spare pairs of boxer briefs with them. I regularly go running and nearly always wet myself during the run.

Anonymous said...

At college I also spent time doing cross country. At one point someone asked what we wore under our running shorts. Most boys wore boxer briefs, a couple just used the lining, and one boy said he wore speedos underneath.

The idea of speedos under my running shorts excited me, so I went and bought a pair. I got turned on just trying them on.

Since then I have bought many pairs including some swimming thongs which are basically a front pouch and leave most of the bottom exposed.

Wearing speedos under shorts may have gone out of fashion, but I still wear them for running and I suspect many others do.

Brian said...

I am a father of 2 boys both now are in secondary school and they always wear speedos under sports clothes, they tell me most if not all of their friends was the same when iwas in secondary school in the eighties. there are so many advantages to speedos it just makes sense. OK at first there is the excitement issues but once you are used to the feel that subsides.

when my oldest son started secondary the games teachers were bulies and set unreasonable times for getting changed, they had just 5 minutes to get into sports gear and assemble in the hall. and the same 5 minutes at the end to shower and get dressed. saturday detention was the punishment. unknowing to me the oldest practiced at home wearing his speedos into the shower then towel dry then and get dressed he found this quicker for school games than trying to pull cotton underwear onto a damp body. so when the younger boy started secondary he did the same.. since then both boys have changed their daily underwear from cotton boxer briefs to speedos, mostly the aussiebum nylon ones. a little expensive for daily underwear but with double use then i suppose it is OK. they can go swimming without rushing home to change first. both boys enjoy the support the speedos offer for their junk.

Anonymous said...

My oldest son has started secondary school this term and at his old school he loved sport could not get enough of it. i think it was because he does not like classroom lessons.

now he hates sport at the secondary school all they seem to do is go out running. the school sport department has a no underwear under sportswear rule. but they can wear speedos. my son has opted for this as he hates his tackle flapping about in his shorts. he has got to like wearing them as he has sport three times a week and to save time he wears his speedos for the whole day when he has sport. 2 of the 3 sport sessions are last lesson and the sports instructors still insist on showers after sport even though they are coming home straight after. so again to save time he will shower in his shorts and speedos to get the mud off from running then dry the speedos on his towel and just pull his uniform on over damp speedos to walk home. he prefers that to being late home