Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Why wearing speedos under PE shorts has gone out of fashion

Fashions change and so do the garments that can be worn as underwear.

The boy who ten or twenty years ago would be wearing speedos under his shorts is now probably wearing tight boxer briefs.

Although boxer briefs offer the same level of support as speedos, the change has been brought about by a number of reasons:


White shorts go transparent and will reveal what is underneath, especially when wet. Boxer briefs under PE shorts look just like another slightly smaller pair of shorts rather than skimpy pants. They also conceal an erect penis better.


The material of boxer briefs cover more skin than speedos, which is useful in the cold, though the boxer briefs may be revealed when wearing shorts that have high side vents or scalloped sides that lift while running.


Specialised sports boxer briefs made of 92% polyamide/8% elastane are quick drying, so can be worn if an activity involves getting wet, such as a cross country river crossing, steeplechase or athletics in the rain.


The fashion has gone from conventional boxer shorts to tighter boxer briefs worn as everyday underwear. It is also the fashion to wear regular underwear under board shorts, so it is logical to do so under PE shorts too.

Rules changes

The demise of the “no pants” and “trunks only” rule, together with the ban on corporal punishment, mean that boys now wear what they want under their PE shorts.

Lycra shorts

Many boys now wear tight-fitting lycra shorts and boxer briefs can be worn underneath them.

Cheaper clothing

With much clothing being now being imported from the Far East, keeping one’s few sets of pants dry and wearable is not such a priority. Nowadays if a boy gets his underwear soaked during PE or athletics, or swims with them under his board shorts, the chances are he will have a spare pair or two in his kit bag.

14 comments: said...

I agree that boys normally have spare pairs of boxer briefs with them. I regularly go running and nearly always wet myself during the run.

Anonymous said...

At college I also spent time doing cross country. At one point someone asked what we wore under our running shorts. Most boys wore boxer briefs, a couple just used the lining, and one boy said he wore speedos underneath.

The idea of speedos under my running shorts excited me, so I went and bought a pair. I got turned on just trying them on.

Since then I have bought many pairs including some swimming thongs which are basically a front pouch and leave most of the bottom exposed.

Wearing speedos under shorts may have gone out of fashion, but I still wear them for running and I suspect many others do.

Brian said...

I am a father of 2 boys both now are in secondary school and they always wear speedos under sports clothes, they tell me most if not all of their friends was the same when iwas in secondary school in the eighties. there are so many advantages to speedos it just makes sense. OK at first there is the excitement issues but once you are used to the feel that subsides.

when my oldest son started secondary the games teachers were bulies and set unreasonable times for getting changed, they had just 5 minutes to get into sports gear and assemble in the hall. and the same 5 minutes at the end to shower and get dressed. saturday detention was the punishment. unknowing to me the oldest practiced at home wearing his speedos into the shower then towel dry then and get dressed he found this quicker for school games than trying to pull cotton underwear onto a damp body. so when the younger boy started secondary he did the same.. since then both boys have changed their daily underwear from cotton boxer briefs to speedos, mostly the aussiebum nylon ones. a little expensive for daily underwear but with double use then i suppose it is OK. they can go swimming without rushing home to change first. both boys enjoy the support the speedos offer for their junk.

Anonymous said...

My oldest son has started secondary school this term and at his old school he loved sport could not get enough of it. i think it was because he does not like classroom lessons.

now he hates sport at the secondary school all they seem to do is go out running. the school sport department has a no underwear under sportswear rule. but they can wear speedos. my son has opted for this as he hates his tackle flapping about in his shorts. he has got to like wearing them as he has sport three times a week and to save time he wears his speedos for the whole day when he has sport. 2 of the 3 sport sessions are last lesson and the sports instructors still insist on showers after sport even though they are coming home straight after. so again to save time he will shower in his shorts and speedos to get the mud off from running then dry the speedos on his towel and just pull his uniform on over damp speedos to walk home. he prefers that to being late home

Anonymous said...

wearing anything under shorts keeps sweat against the body and raises the temperature in that area so that bacteria multiply quickly, if you want your kids to have skin irritations, "Jock itch" or whatever you want to call it carry on--- washing after sport is healthy and shows respect for those around you who will not appreciate the smell of stale sweat if you refuse to keep yourself clean

MarkD said...

My interest in Speedos started in my teenage years not with swimming but with school PE and athletics, when some of the sportier boys wore them underneath their shorts.

I had seen them being worn during swimming lessons and noticed how the material went shiny when wet. I also noticed how the material was just enough to cover the private parts and no more. Speedos were skimpier than the underwear that was worn at the time and in some ways resembled girls’ panties.

The reason I spotted the being worn under shorts was that the shorts were white and see-through. It seemed to be so daring as it drew attention to the suggestive parts of the body. It made a great impression on me, although it was not until a few years later that I got a hand-me-down pair of Speedos. The first time I put them on I got a full erection.

I used to go running in them under white shorts. As well as being sexually arousing, Speedos are also very comfortable and practical, even with an erection.

I don’t have the confidence to do that any more, but I have worn them as underwear and also in private.

With the internet I have been able to buy a good sized collection in most colours and I wear them regularly for private exercise. To this day Speedos still have the same arousing effect.

I have a running machine and I always wear Speedos underneath my shorts when I use it.

Anonymous said...

We had to wear the almost transparent white nylon shorts and we were instructed not to wear underpants.

We were lucky enough to have a swimming pool and it was quite common after a PE lesson to have a shower, then to put our shorts back on and go into the pool. Even though the shorts went almost totally transparent no one seemed to take any notice.

I remember once the PE teacher sat us down in the changing rooms and talked to us and said that if we felt uncomfortable wearing just our shorts, we should wear tight swimming trunks underneath. These could be purchased from the school uniform shop.

From then on they started to appear at changing time and, of course they were plainly visible through the almost transparent shorts, and boys would wear them under their PE shorts in the swimming pool.

Anonymous said...

I was at school in the late 70's and mid 80's. we also had the no underwear under sportswear rule. it was explained to us as we would then have clean underwear to go to our next class in. a few weeks into term there was many who did not adhere to the rule so a group detention was aranged. after this it was allowed to wear our school speedos under sportswear. at first we changed into the speedos and shorts before the lesson. but after a while a lot of boys started to use the speedos as underwear on the day of the week we had sport. wore them under shorts and then wore them to go home. so whilst the teacher was checking we did not have underwear on for sport he was not checking as we left the building to go home or to the next lesson. during the summer months the majority of the boys in my year also liked to swim at the local lake in the evenings. the thin nylon speedos we had for school were good for that too as we could swim at the lake and leave them on after under our shorts / jeans to walk home.

in the 90's my son went to the same school, and low and behold the same rule was still enforced. after his first sport lesson i had a chat and told him what we did. he smiled, he saw immediatley that the teachers had agreed to something that bypassed their rule in one go. he had worn speedos a lot growing up like me he wore them most days to swim with his friends in the evenings.

this year his son started the same school, and guess what.... they still have the same rule and again it is still agreed thy wear speedos under the sports uniform. he is a speedo lover at the age of 3 he started wearing them as daily underwear, he would not wear normal underwear just tore them off....

so far from the trend dieing out we have 3 generations of the family who have experienced this rule and used it to their advantage. said...

Speedos may have gone out of fashion under PE shorts but I still wear them under my running shorts. I like the way they feel especially pulling them up over my shorts.

Anonymous said...

I think it depends where you are. my oldest son started Secondary school last september and he had a shock when he had the first PE lesson and they gave them the usual NO PANTS rule. but i was surprised they had not changed the wording of the letter since i started at the same school 20 years ago. the letters clearly says "NO PANTS" under shorts for PE. my son was prepared we had done the uniform shopping and got the school colour speedos (green) and the shorts (yellow). i had got him to take a shower in the Just the shorts to see how see through they went then got him to shower again in the speedos and shorts. just so he knew what he was in for.

the first PE lesson they took the whole group 50 boys on a cross country run, they had rigerously checked for "Pants" before setting off. part way through the run there was a pond they had to run through a bit less than waist deep shorts got soaked and it was obvious then who had what under their shorts. my son said there was a lot who had nothing and all was on show when the shorts were wet. he was glad then he wore his speedos under them.

over the course of the school year he told me that more and more boys got the mesage and now all boys wear speedos.

i would have thought the school would have re-worded the letter by now to say. if you wish to wear something under school PE shorts make sure you have a change to put on afterwards. because after a term all of those wearing the speedos wore them all day as underwear and wore them to go home again afterwards. so making a bit of a farse of the "NO PANTS" Rule...

Anonymous said...

When I moved from junior school to senior school our shorts changed from dark blue to white. I looked at my shorts in the mirror and discovered they were completely see-through! There was no ban on pants, but you could easily see the colour and any pattern on them. Most boys wore their swimming trunks underneath. At age 16 I started wearing speedos which were much skimpier and thinner material than normal swimming trunks. At first it felt very daring running around in them but I got used to them and now I wear nothing else under my shorts.

Anonymous said...

I was an avid runner at college and I wore those short nylon shorts that were common at the time and on warm days nothing else. I also wore underwear (briefs) under my shorts.

One day I was hanging out with some other runners and somehow the conversation got onto what we wore under our shorts, and guys gave their various answers: jockstraps, briefs or nothing. Then one guy who was a regular runner said he wore speedos under his running shorts.

That sounded perfect to me and I went and bought a pair of dark blue speedos. Just choosing them made me feel aroused.

Anonymous said...

I was at secondary school in the early 80's and sport was my only subject that i fully enjoyed. swimming was my fave. never liked football but did love basketball. i found out about wearing speedos under the PE shorts quite early in secondary school life for support during sport. at our school you had to have black speedos for swimming so those came in very useful. i think i wore them 90% of the time as general underwear. it was more convenient to leave them on after swimming to dry under uniform. i swam an hour before school then half hour at lunch then ann hour after school, let alone going to a local lake with friends after school and at weekends.

i have 3 sons and 7 grandsons who naturally followed similar pattern. all love their speedos or aussiebum nylon as they have progressed onto now. all boys swim every day at least once. the youngest grandson 7 years old often walks about the house in just his AB's as he calls them

Anonymous said...

I agree that many boys opt for jammers, under armor, or speedos. As a dad of 3 boys we have tried and fitted many jocks, cups, Lycra shorts, speedos, even surongs in a smaller boy size.