Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Why do boys wear boxers under their swimming shorts?

Why do boys wear boxers or boxer briefs under their swimming shorts?

This curious phenomenon has been the subject of much discussion on internet forums, yet there seems to be no conclusive reason.

A frequent reason given is modesty. White shorts will go transparent when wet and will reveal what is underneath. By wearing a layer underneath that is darker or patterned, this problem is said to go away.

It is also claimed that swimming shorts will cling at the front, but by wearing boxers the clinging occurs out of sight. However, swimming shorts normally have an internal mesh liner, so this seems an unlikely reason to wear boxers underneath.

The next reason given in support, but boxers themselves give little support, certainly no more so than the mesh liner.

Comfort is cited as a reason to wear boxers, as the liner is said by some to feel uncomfortable.

Boxers may have to be worn as a punishment. This seems unlikely to be the case though, as most boys wear them voluntarily and appear to be enjoying themselves.

Boys may wear boxers because it has become the fashion to do so. It is not known where or how this fashion started.

Sometimes by convention a whole class will wear their boxers under their swimming shorts, without ever questionning why.

This may have originated as a form of attention seeking or even a risk/dare situation.

A school even may have a compulsory "boxers only under shorts" rule.

It is unclear whether boys pull their swimming shorts on over the boxers they already had on, or change into boxers specifically for swimming.

It is also unclear whether they change into dry boxers after swimming or keep their damp boxers on under their uniforms afterwards.

The feeling of putting swimming shorts on over regular underwear and then soaking it must feel erotic.

What is most interesting is that no boy ever seems to discuss it.


Jake said...

I do that all the too but only as I wear nylon shorts as boxers all the time.
I love letting others know that I am wearing nylon shorts as boxers but then again, they may think they are just standard boxers.
These days though, I generally just wear my nylon shorts for swimming in.

WetToby said...

What colour are the nylon shorts you wear as boxers?

Jake said...

I've got so many pairs of nylon shorts but normally either wear black, navy or white nylon shorts as boxers.
When I go swimming, if I wear white nylon shorts, I have to wear 2 pairs for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

some interesting feedback here - thanks! I recall at school having to have an unexpected swimming lesson and most of the class only having their white pe shorts to hand. Quite a revelation. Would two pairs of white nylon shorts, when wet, really preserve modesty.....? wouldn't mind checking this fact! lol

Jake said...

I have many pairs of coarse nylon shorts and 1 pair of white nylon shorts when wet can be slighty see through, but, 2 pairs will hide everything. May depend on the weave of the nylon though as I did buy some other pairs and tried those in the bath and could plainly see the hair there and member.

mark_badger@hotmail.co.uk said...

I wear my boxer briefs under my swimming shorts. Most seem to. It just gives an extra layer so the shorts don't cling. Also it feels naughty to get your pants wet.

Anonymous said...

I went to an end-of-term pool party and all the boys kept their pants on under their swimming shorts

Anonymous said...

I “forgot” my swimming trunks as often as I dared; I really enjoyed swimming in my pants and shorts.

Anonymous said...

I can add a few more reasons:

- Some trunks do not have that inner lining which is supposed to act as underwear

- Some guys swim in street shorts (e.g. if they weren't prepared to swim). Of course, this means that you have to keep on the shorts you were wearing on the way to the pool (and underwear as well)

- Many guys are uncomfortable with changing in front of others. After swimming, some would change in a toilet stall while others keep their wet boxers on.

- Some guys are afraid that they might loose their trunks in the pool. Wearing an additional layer of clothing can prevent this and helps to make such situations less embarrassing.

limeboyjoe said...

Do you,,?

Radstar12 said...

I do it all the time. I began wearing whatever clean underwear I had on with me.

If I am wearing white soccer shorts and I have on coloured briefs, so be it. I have seen lots of guys showing their underwear with their swimsuits.

I happen to think it is very sexy, and spontaneous for boys to do this. I have also found that most people never notice or say anything.

Try it at least once and observe other people's reactions to your visible underwear.

I have seen lots of boys wearing underwear under their swim trunks. It seems to be more of a current trend and fashion statement than anything at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Prefer nylon shorts for pe and swimming,and a jock for sports,and a box for cricket,it can be seen through my shorts.also the other boys jocks too

Ian13 said...

I have a few pairs of Nylon shorts some lined some un-lined that i use as boxers. the lined ones offer better support now things have got bigger in the underwear regions. the unlinesd ones i now wear with Aussiebum Nylon speedos under when i run out of the lined ones. i gave up on standard Boxers a few years ago, i think i was about 8 a friend gave me some Nike lined shorts he had grown out of and they seemed to be multi-purpose. very comfy as underwear and you can swim in them, they dry so fast there is no need to carry a spare pare to put on after a swim. i have just had a family holiday in Italy and i found most boys of my age wore Speedo style trunks at the beach and pool so my aussiebum came in very useful. i got a great tan with less skin covered plus they dry even faster than the nylon shorts. a few more boys in my year at school have started to use speedo style trunks this term i noticed this in the changing rooms for sports the other day. my dad says when he was in school in the late 70's it was all speedos for swimming and lot of boys wore them as underwear. so maybe the speedo style will come back to fashion?.

Paul said...

I wear black Lycra shorts for running in but sometimes I have swam in them. When I run I wear them pantless, but for swimming I always wear boxer briefs underneath, for an extra layer. I don't know why but there is something exciting and erotic about soaking your pants in a swimming pool.

Tim said...

Saw an interesting sight at our local outdoor pool last weekend... group of four lads three of them in swimming shorts, one in white shadow stripe shorts. All had the waists of their boxers showing.

Anonymous said...

While growing up in the 50s and 60s and coming from a big family, I would go the local pool and just swim in my boxer shorts underwear. We couldn't afford swim trunks and with the boxer shorts having patterns on them, they just looked like swim trunks. Being slight for my age, nobody ever caught on and I did this until I was 16.

Anonymous said...

In the 1980's in Germany we have to go to swim on hot summer days in the local reservoir. We usually wore football kits and there was no indication as to wear a swimsuit, we have only a towel and with our underpants on under our shorts. It was always good wet shorts clinging to soaked pants. My friend Mateusz used to wearing white tennis shorts with blue underpants, looked great when they die wet. Going home in wet kit was also good.

Anonymous said...

Because waistbands and brief lines are sexy AF. Being wet only makes it better!

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